George Frederick (born Nov. 25, 1947 in Toronto, Canada) and Joseph Fraser (Sept. 30, 1952 in New Waterford, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada) were raised in Cape Breton. Cousins of Canadian country icon, Rita MacNeil, they began performing in their early teens and, by 1966, were featured on local radio programs and regional Scottish Folk Festivals.

After moving with their families to Ontario, they found their way into recording studios and began making demos. These sessions led to the release of Fred's first solo CD, Always, a critically acclaimed project which drew praise from industry insiders, such as Ian Thomas, Canadian music legend, Dallas Harms and Nashville music publisher, David Kastle. Fraser's initial CD, Trial and Error, also garnered rave reviews with the track, Take Pride in What You Do, which found its way into the Mary Higgins Clark movie, Loves Music Loves to Dance
title: Maritime Pride
In 2004, the fellows joined forces with Race Record's noted record producer, Georgie Fab, for the making of their new CD, Maritime Pride. Mixed by Bob Doige (Gordon Lightfoot), this record promises to be the breakout CD that the boys have been waiting for.

Released Oct. 1, 2005, this work is a blend of Maritime and Country Music, featuring 15 songs about Cape Breton and the Canadian East Coast.

By The Banks

Down By The Lake
recorded at A Cellar Full of Noise
by Georgie Fab
produced by Georgie Fab
mixed at Grant Avenue Studios
by Bob Doidge
mastered at Grant Avenue Studios
by Paul Riemens
lead vocals,
accoustic guitars
Fred & Fraser MacNeil
drums Jack Pedler
bass Neil Nickafor
electric guitars Byng Bell
piano Christabel Pinto-Johnson
keyboards Jono
mandolin, banjo Darren Schott
fiddle Darren Schott
Grenville Pinto
dobro Bob Doidge
backing vocals Byng Bell's Ordinaires
title: Always
Fred's first CD, Always (10 tracks), is a glorious trip into the easy, laidback lifestyle of Eastern Canada, taking us to Ryan's Rock, along country roads, past abandoned coal mines and into that safest place of all, family.

Strange Things
recorded at A Cellar Full of Noise
by Georgie Fab
MJM Studio
by Mike McCurley
produced by Georgie Fab
mixed by Ian Thomas
mastered at Grant Avenue Studio
by Paul Riemens
vocals, accoustic guitar Fred MacNeil
drums Jack Pedler
bass Neil Nickafor
guitars Byng Bell
keyboards Jono
mandolin Mike McCurley

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