Born July 31, 1952, in Hamilton, Canada, Georgie found success in just his 2nd band when, at 19, his group, "Buxton Kastle", was signed to the major label, RCA. This group also featured soon-to-be Juno Award winner, Jerry Doucett, Teenage Head drummer, Jack Pedler and David Kastle, "Head of A&R" at Acuff-Rose (1974-1990) in Nashville, Tenn. Georgie played Hammond CV organ and blues harp. When Doucett left the band and moved to Vancouver, Fab switched to guitar and Buxton Kastle switched to Warner Bros.

A string of Top 40 hits were recorded by the boys but, when Warner dropped the band, they called it a day. Georgie then began writing "The Terra Nye Experiment." It was during this time he met and started writing with Skip Prokop, four-time Juno Award winner and founder of the legendary Canadian rock band, Lighthouse. This led to the formation of the Skip Prokop Band and the beginning of a life-long partnership with Lighthouse lead singer, Dan Clancy. The collaboration of Skip and Georgie produced the #1 hit, "It Just Occurred To Me" and a gold album for A&M's Peter Pringle, along with "Mr. McKay" and "It Feels Just Like Heaven" for "Skip Prokop's Valecrest" and a splash into smooth jazz.

Around this time, Georgie was approached by Atlantic Records Chairman of the Board, Val Azzoli, and was asked if he would be interesed in joining forces with Juno Award winner, Kim Mitchell, to write material for the first Mitchell LP, "Akimbo Alogo." The record went platinum and the co-writing efforts produced the Top 40 hit, "Feel It Burn", the "Go For Soda" B-side entitled "Caroline" with Pye Dubois, and the #1 song, "All We Are." Georgie wrote the uncredited lyric hook, "...you make me feel such a long way away..."

Next, another collaboration, this time with Grammy Award winner, Blood, Sweat & Tears saxman, Darcy Hepner. The project was to co-produce the blues legend, King Biscuit Boy and the album, "Biscuits & Gravy". Richard Newell (King Biscuit Boy) worked with Fab until his death in 2002 doing sessions for Race Records.

Georgie then turned his attention to ex-Crowbar blues man, Sonny Del-Rio and produced / co-wrote the CD, "Forty Years of Rock & Roll and all I got's the Blues", featuring the single, "Treat Your Baby Right."

It was at this point, Georgie built A Cellar Full of Noise recording studio and formed Race Records with long-time friend, Ron Firmi. Since then, he has worked with Juno Award winners, Ian Thomas, Tom Wilson, Steve Negus of Saga (Hamilton Hometown Christmas, Canadian Heroes CDs), Juno Award winner for Most Promising Female , Suzzanne Stevens, Hamilton Philharmonic conductor, Boris Brott, Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls, Teenage Head and mix engineer superstar, L. Stu Young. (See Prince, Guns & Roses, Bachman Cummings, etc.)

Georgie has recently recruited L. Stu Young into both "The Terra Nye Experiment" and "Clown School." His latest CD is the self-titled "Georgie Fab | Dan Clancy", with Lighthouse singer / songwriter, Dan Clancy.

He recently co-produced the song, “Canadian Heroes” (along with L. Stu Young) and co-written with Race Records Alumni, Jay Simpson, Sonny Del-Rio and Skip Prokop. “Canadian Heroes” was written and recorded for the Canadian Armed Forces. Georgie called in several Juno Award winning friends, including Skip Prokop (Lighthouse), Tom Wilson, (Blackie & the Rodeo Kings), Jeff Madden (Jersey Boys - Toronto), Steve Negus (Saga), Jack de Keyzer, Ian Thomas, Brian Melo - Canadian Idol winner, Kelly Jay and Sonny Del-Rio (Crowbar), Dan Clancy (Lighthouse), punk pioneers -Teenage Head and the 72-piece St. Michael’s Children Choir. This song had a national release date of November 11, 2009.

Georgie is also finishing up the second Clown School CD, “Meet Clown School”, the new Robert E. Denton CD (working title “Dreaming”) and a Christmas CD for the St. Patrick’s Folk Group (as yet untitled).

Stay tuned!
title: Georgie Fab | Dan Clancy
This is a ten-song experience that's sure to put a smile on the face of every fan of 3-minute pop songs. With the exception of "Blues Got Me Down" and the prog rock, "Contact", which was originally written for the Terra Nye Experiment, some very strong song writing from the boys makes for a great listen.

Big Change

My Luck Is Changin'
recorded at A Cellar Full of Noise
by Georgie Fab
produced by Georgie Fab / Dan Clancy
mixed by L. Stu Young
mastered at The Metal Works
by Nick Blagona
Dan Clancy all vocals
Georgie Fab all instruments, programming & arrangements
Byng Bell guest on guitar & guitar synth
Jack Pedler guest on drums
Neil Nickafor guest on bass
King Buscuit Boy guest on harp
Chris Tootell guest on ARP synth
L. Stu Young sound design
Terry Davis graphic design

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